Levels & Testing

ACCORD Manchester adheres to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe. This framework is designed to assess learners’ general language competence and enable course designers and tutors to determine learners’ levels of proficiency, prepare language learning programmes and assess learners’ progress.

The amount of time and training required to go from one level to the next varies according to the learner’s aptitude, motivation and prior language knowledge.

At ACCORD Manchester, we make sure our learners are regularly updated on their progress and are advised on how to maximise the benefits of their course.

- Beginner I have no knowledge of English.
A1 Basic I can only express and understand very basic concepts in English.
A2 Pre-Intermediate I can express myself simply and understand familiar situations but with some difficulty
B1- Lower Intermediate
I can construct simple sentences and understand the main points of a conversation, but I need more vocabulary.
B1+ Intermediate I speak and understand quite well and use basic tenses. I am not comfortable with more complex grammar structures and vocabulary.
B2- Upper Intermediate I can communicate accurately but make quite a lot of mistakes and I don’t always understand.
B2+ Operational I speak and understand well but make mistakes. Sometimes, I don’t make myself understood.
C1 Advanced I speak and understand very well but I occasionally struggle with unusual situations.
C2 Fluent I can speak fluently and understand perfectly.


Day one

On your first day, you will attend an information session during which you will meet the teaching staff and members of the Administration Team. At ACCORD Manchester, we all want to make sure your stay with us is as enjoyable and beneficial as possible and we are at your disposal to help you make your learning experience a success.
Prior to your arrival, you will be sent a written test to assess your level of English. The written test includes: comprehension, writing, grammar and vocabulary. This enables us to allocate you to the appropriate class suiting your level.

During your stay

At any time during the stay, you will be able to talk with your tutors, or Academic Manager to discuss your progress and maximise the benefits of your stay with ACCORD Manchester.
You will usually be assessed every 4 weeks
At the end of your stay
, you will be presented with a Course Certificate.

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