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11 December 2015

How do your country’s superstitions compare? The word superstition is first used in English in the 15th century, modelled after an earlier French superstition. Superstitions can be described in a dictionary as “irrational fears”. Tradition shows that many British people (Brits) are very superstitious. People of all ages think it’s lucky to: meet a black cat (they […]

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Explore the North West of England

2 December 2015

Although Manchester can keep visitors entertained, some people prefer to explore cultural and historic places of interest outside the city centre. Explore the North West of England with ACCORD Manchester. Nearby attractions include: Dunham Massey, Altrincham – only 3 miles away, reached by tram or bus. Explore Stamford Military Hospital, the English rose garden, spot […]

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Manchester’s Christmas Markets are thriving

24 November 2015

With over 300 festively decorated chalets and stalls throughout city centre, Christmas Markets are easily accessible to everyone. Make sure you dress appropriately because all of the markets are outdoors. We recommend warm clothing (lots of layers are best) and sturdy footwear so that you don’t fall over on the old cobbled streets.

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Manchester – the UK’s alternative ‘capital city’

10 November 2015

Manchester, affectionately known as the ‘capital city’ of the North of England is a wonderful location in which to study English and enjoy a holiday. Easily accessible, it has the UK’s third busiest airport and two main railway stations. After English classes at ACCORD Manchester, whether you are a younger person or a business professional wishing […]

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